The Scope


An Artist-Scientist is an archetype described by Carl Jung as an abstraction of life.

I’m not a fan of boxing myself, because I’d have to have lots of boxes to keep – which spells clutter. However, this box defines my makeup, both literally and metaphorically, so I keep!

I’m watching Emeli Sandé performing “Pluto” at the Royal Albert Hall, and I giggle a little as I think of the beauty of self expression – even when that means being so abstract in thought, you sound like you are reinventing gibberish.

There are moments and places for structure, order, learning, sharing, loving…and they are really all powered by the same planets we love and love to hate. That’s when art meets science – the wholeness of life.

According to an entry on Wikipedia, excerpted from Segal & Jung (1998), an Artist-Scientist symbolises:

  • The Power of the Mind

  • Infinite Creativity

  • Childlike wonder at the world

  • Boundless Curiosity

  • The finding of solutions in unexpected ways

  • Intuitive Improvisation

    These are concepts represented by the planets Emeli sings about in “Pluto”.

    Here’s to all you lovers of life, expression, sharing and all that they deliver!



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