About Me & the Scope



is so long, as I expect most 39 year olds would say! As I talk science and art through Astrology in my own voice, I have faith that Mercury will facilitate this process so we can get to the “so what” together.

I’m a Gemini Ascendant, always moving with the wind. This journey started in King William’s Town, in a missionary hospital that no longer exists. I left the homeland for KZN in 1998, to pursue an interest in the South African Sugar Association, during which time (in 2000) the wind took me roaming the South Atlantic Ocean in the SA Agulhas 1, for 2 weeks before finally setting camp at Gough Island with 9 other people for 12 months.


Gough Island, Summer 2001


It’s now 17 years later and I look at how beautiful this walk towards the light has been, with all its hills and valleys.

My story is in everything I speak about. The intention is clear, to share purposefully!

Luluscope is the lens through which I view life. A collection of the bits I’ve learnt in 20 years of behavioural study, and are still learning; all expressed through this long overdue Astral passion.

Lulu | The Artist-Scientist | MSc Entomology, 2002

Natural Scientist – Designer – Mother – Freespirit – Eternal Student – Teacher – Astrologer – Philosopher – Market Analyst – Eternal Optimist – Lover of Life – Gemini Ascendant – Leo Sun – Scorpio Moon – Mercurian, by a tight margin ahead of the Sun, Mars, Venus & Jupiter! Hmm! A Mouthful 🙈