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The Double Rainbow

As I walk towards the kitchen door thinking about the many Mayflies that emerged under the warm, sunny drizzle about an hour earlier, I lift my eyes, et voila, a Rainbow! With my usual spontaneous, kiddy scream when the sun shines its rays on my senses, I call everyone to “come see!”. Still in awe at the clarity of the rainbow, a second one appears!

Double rainbow

Goosebumps led me to Prof Google, who led me to this lovely article written by C.R. Jones in 2012. I had to share!


Surviving Reality

Driving home the other day we saw a double rainbow. This was even better because we were on our annual vegetable run when the leaves are changing. Just beautiful.

I searched the meaning of the rainbow and found a variety of answers, from biblical and spiritual to a meteorological phenomenon.

Here is one that I found interesting (from

An Irish legend tells that at the end of the rainbow, there is a pot of gold. The seven colors of the rainbow are a perfect analogy to symbolize the seven levels of consciousness that lead humans from ignorance to enlightenment. The reward that awaits at the end of the rainbow is the brute soul transmuted into gold at the very end of the evolutionary journey.

The Seven Levels of Consciousness

Understanding how a light spectrum works, helps with understanding how the human evolutionary process works. A single ray of white light…

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