Number Sequences

As we ask and anticipate, the receiving bit can be quite personal. Personal in the sense of being specific to you, a unique individual; what you really meant when you asked; as well as the best suited answer. So, while we wait, for however long, we might receive signals that keep us holding on to the faith that we will always receive an answer that fits us best – maybe in an unexpected form – but we will know when it arrives that ‘this is it!’ 

Number sequences / Angel Numbers show up in many forms, but I think they are impossible to miss. ‘Numbers people’ might get stronger angelic communication in the form of number sequences…seeing the same number patterns often when you look at the clock…noticing the same licence plate numbers on the road…and so on…is one way of receiving guidance from the universe. ‘Animal people’ might get more of their messages through spirit animal guides. The list goes on – you can always tell how your messages are relayed – back and forth – I think! 

Angel Numbers pop up when you need answers, and might disappear when the message has been received, and new ones start appearing. It’s a lifelong joyous dance that can only be appreciated with a smile.

Joanne does a lovely Venusian job of writing captivating meanings of number sequences. I do believe in Human Angels! She compiled this list of descriptions of Angel Numbers / Number Sequences* in a PDF, for us to have a quick pocket reference. How fabulous?

*File found on

What always blows me away is how tied the number sequences are to planetary transits! That’s what I mean by numbers people and animal people. The form in which an individual’s communication occurs with the angelic realms (their planetary dance) is probably highly linked to their external environment. If it wasn’t for the existence of the Internet, I probably wouldn’t know about vibrations of numbers either! You may, one day, decide to check this horoscope story you hear about so often, to find that it just confirms what you’ve always known. The crux of it being that then you’ll know for sure, instead of just being informed.

That there, is the beauty of the simplicity of life!