The ‘I’ in Collective

I was woken up by the words, “The ‘I’ in Collective”, this morning – at my usual school clock time. The body does get used to routine, after all. This, of course got me digging for associations. So, I came across some fitting texts…




The intriguing bit is that the Moon is transiting my 12th house.

How does this all relate to the 12th house transit of the Moon?

The 12th is a house of dreams and integration

It’s under the ownership of Pisces who is imaginative, sensitive, compassionate and intuitive.

Pisces is charged with Neptune’s energies of dreaming and healing. They are both transpersonal in nature – a higher vibration of collective consciousness that spans hidden, subconscious realms.

Neptune is an outer planet, together with Uranus and Pluto. His effects are transcendent – connecting us with each other (the “collective”) and with spaces we can’t define in tangible form. Conversely, the Moon affects our moods and emotions on a personal level (the “I”). 

Are you getting the link yet? If not, walk with me a little longer!

My transit Moon isn’t forming any aspects with other planets at this point – natal or transit. This gives me a temporary sigh of relief, especially after the emotionally taxing past 2 days I’ve had! Of course, when the Moon forms aspects with other planets, the energies of those planets and their placements on the horoscope will need to be viewed holistically. For now though, the focus is on mother Moon! I’ve talked about the Moon in more length somewhere on the blog, if you’d like to study it further.

To sum all these fragments up, and to revisit the motivation for this post:

  • The Moon’s transit is personal – the ” I”.
  • The 12th house that it’s transiting on my chart is ruled by a transpersonal zodiac sign (Pisces), and charged by a transpersonal Neptune – the “Collective”.
  • I have Gemini in my 12th during this transit.
  • Gemini is a ‘personal’ zodiac sign, meaning that it is concerned with the individual – the ” I”.

This is, at least, how I perceived the transcendent message from my dream. Astrology confirms it.

I sure hope that I’m a step in the right direction with regards to practical implementation of these unseen energies by sharing this post. If I’ve left you feeling a little spacey, remember I’m surfing with Neptune. He does have that effect on our pysches. He can make things a little foggy…But with Mercury transiting my 10th, I’m optimistic 😇

Let’s share. Let’s inspire. We are connected!