Dreaming about words

I sleep at midnight everyday. That’s of course, not the best thing to do as we are told. However, the only time I get to myself and my thoughts without interruption is when the kids hit the sack. This pattern works for me, because I manage my work time. This also means that when I sleep, I sleep!

I probably dream more than I notice, but because I’m totally beat when I go to bed, I most likely forget most dreams. Some refuse to get unnoticed, so they pop up whenever there’s a message I have to hear – asleep or awake!

Do you take notice of yours?

Today's Author

Do you dream about words?  I do.  A lot!

I find most of my conscious dreaming occurs early in the morning, often an hour or two before the alarm clock is scheduled to ring.  More often than not I’m semi-conscious and fully aware I’m experiencing a dream.  That’s when the fun begins!


If I’m being attacked by creatures, I’ll simply levitate from danger or conjure a video-game style blast that propels from my palms toward the target.  Or, if it’s a more mundane dream, I’ll take crazy risks I would never do in real life, like offering marriage proposals to perfect strangers or asking my friends uncomfortable questions.  I find when I take charge of my dreams, the video-clip playing in my brain freezes for an instant–the characters stumble–and then begin to follow my in-line script edits.

Aside from ordinary scenario-based dreams, the past few months words and sentences have…

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