Connecting the dots

Last night I watched an Australian movie about a teen singer named Honey. Fast forward…the chef in the movie described the way he tastes food as being above that of an “ordinary” person. I giggled a little, for 2 reasons. 

  • I understood what he meant, as an artist myself. 
  • I also understood how visual expression is often the only way to draw a mind map of your entire business plan in the customer’s mind without having to speak – unless of course, your art is verbal in nature. All our internal wild animals, the scorpions, the lions, the rams and buffaloes take over when we are passionate, and they play off as being defensive. Chances are that they are! They are defending their territories. That’s what animals do. Humans, us, belong to the same Kingdom Animalia as every animal we love and love to hate.

My research mind always thinks that perception is one key indicator of what needs alignment within us, if anything. Yes, it’s great not to care about what the world thinks of you – what it perceives you to be. 

It’s however, great for nothing if what you project to the world – your Ascendant and Sun sign are the only factors that determine the I don’t care. Surely, we all go through the stages of growth that tell us we need to have an education, work and start families. There must be more that follows. Right? Maybe I’m just a grain of sand in a wide beach made of one type of grain. Maybe other beaches are made of other varieties of sand grains…just maybe. 

However, I do think that even if there are people (grains) who never care about looking at the big picture (the horizon) every now and then, while still taking efficient everyday steps, 

  • we all get to stop at some point and reflect.
  • evaluate what we’ve been monitoring, knowingly or subconsciously. Connect the dots.
  • find our fit in the big picture.
  • let our external world be our alignment teacher. By this I mean, when the internal environment flows with the external, there’s only balance in our little bubbles.

The circle of life is a 360° sphere. It’s not 90°, nor is it 180°. When we reflect on the “things we’ve just done” as the character played by Ryan Phillipe in Playing by Heart said, we can always tell if what we project to the outside world is a true match to our life purpose (the 360° circle).

No? 😀

Pura Vida,


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