So Pure!

“Let’s be outspoken,

Let’s be ridiculous,

Let’s solve the world’s problems…”

That was Alanis Morissette singing in my ears. She a longtime icon, and I’ve been addicted to her art for two decades! My intrigue with Alanis’ way of life (at least what we see) and her content is backed by some strong natal aspects she shares with me.

She has album entitled Live at Navajo Nation: Music in High Places. I totally related with this album, years ago. I’ve also known for a long time that there was more to my connection to Native American ways of life – which I’ve come to know as being key to my karmic issues. I’ll speak more about Karma when I talk of the Moon’s Nodes – the South and North Node, as well as related houses, in bite-size chunks!

Alanis Morissette’s natal chart shows strong aspects with Neptune.

Image source: Astrobank.

This slow moving planet rules the ability to manifest and use imagination for creativity. This is however, when Neptune is in direct motion. When it is in retrograde motion (seemingly smock go backwards) one may not be aware of this ability! It’s a planet of mysticism, of ‘dreams’, of intuitives, of metaphysical, spiritual and humanitarian realms. It’s effect on one’s natal chart depends on its placement and the major aspects it forms.

Alanis’ other aspects that relate to this post and her placement of Neptune will be covered in the next few posts.

Alanis! She’s so “ironic”. But she’ll “love you just the way you are, if you’re perfect!”

I find that writing more about planetary behaviour is a great way of giving skeptics, especially of Astrology, encouragement to loosen a little – to broaden one’s horizon(s). I’m a big skeptic myself, after all! I have to sniff first, always. But this is philosophy, mathematics, physics, art, and eventually, a life skill so I’m learning to relate to the world around me.

Planetary aspects are our oneness.

Happy Sunday,