Jupiter Jetting us off! (2016-2017)

It’s a 1 Year in Numerology. The beginning of a new cycle, a rebirth, a transformation. A lot of us – those who’ve had time to read their own patterns, as well as of those around them – have certainly felt the tense energies easing off as 2016 tapered off.

Quick exercise: think of your life as it was from the first to the last year of the past cycle. That would be 2007 – 2016, I think.

What was going on in your world? Does anything feel different yet? If nothing does, you will sure feel the regeneration process within and around pretty soon. Feel your feet getting heated up by a rocket as it jets you off to a place of self-confidence and joy!

Jupiter has been my rocket! And, you know what? He loves us all! He takes his time in our charts, spending quality time in each house – until we have learnt to love ourselves, until we remember, on instinct – to be confident in who we are.

Have you been underestimating yourself? How?

Jupiter takes 12 years to circle the zodiac houses, so he spends about a year (times vary by house) in each sign. He does all this journeying so we can feel free! He wants us to grow and expand our consciousness. He wants us to go for unexplored, exciting, bright possibilities. Opportunities are there for the taking, but we have to know that we are deserving of his gifts! Knowing also means that we commit to not overdo. We can’t ignore our filters. Ouch! This is a serious balancing act. We can’t sit on our laurels even when we try!

Jupiter has been transiting through Libra since September 9th, 2016 – a visit that ends on October 10th, 2017. As a slow planet, Jupiter affects us collectively. In Libra – the house of ideals – he wants us to be aware of our partnerships, equality, compromise, peace, harmony – BALANCE . Think of what we use a scale (Libra’s symbol) for. Our social skills, fair-mindedness, charm and grace attract success and contribute to our fulfillment.

Jupiter promotes learning and expansion. When he transits Libra we tend to be more interested in learning about partnerships / relationships – subjects that are social in nature. Of course, it’s up to our free will to go with the flow of Jupiter and that of the 1 year – to enjoy the ride to wherever he jet-takes us to! We can however, consciously or subconsciously choose to remain complacent. I choose to flow with the stream – not against it. Somehow I don’t feel like being a salmon this year, swimming against the stream. That’s quite ironic considering that in Native American Zodiac my sign is Salmon. Gosh!

Now, since I started this conversation by honouring the Numerology 1 Universal Year, let me also mention that the vibration of this year is an Astrological equivalent of Aquarius and Sagittarius.

Sagittarius (freedom) are ruled by Jupiter – my Jet! As I write this post the Angel Number 11 is keeping me company. Angel numbers are a subject for another day. However, to avoid losing you in case you aren’t familiar with them, they can be a window to the silent communication that occurs beyond our conscious selves. To me, the significance of the presence of 11 was that I was leaving the crux of this conversation topic.

The Master Number 11 is a karmic teacher. It represents illumination, enlightenment, inspiration, idealism (as Libra), intuition, channelling, poetry, art, expression, dreams, revolution, mysticism, catalyst, vision, enthusiasm, creativity…

This is a highly charged vibration, hence a “Master Number”. It’s a vibration that is hard to deal with. It requires time, effort and maturity to manifest its qualities in us. The Number 11 represents transformation, just as the number it amplifies (1) is also about transformation. The former is about holistic transformation.

Master Number 11 requires BALANCE – at all times. It requires an outlet through professional or charitable activities. There’s plenty to say about each Numerology vibration – the time will come. In Astrology, our soul purpose / soul urge is revealed by the house placements and their aspects with solar bodies and mathematical points. In Numerology, your heart’s desire / soul urge – the things you year the most is calculated with the vowels in your birth names. My Soul’s Urge is 11. I suppose that kind of sums up why this post is being written, here and now ☺

Have a look at this page to find out if you are also a Soul Urge/Heart’s Desire Number 11. If not, you still get to find out what your vibration is – your inner cravings. This year is about realising those!


Jupiter in Libra wants us to be tactful, polite and gracious. He wants us to bring out Libra’s best qualities in our personal natal charts. We are most likely playing matchmaker right now, maybe even rooting for unorthodox pairings. Partnerships are formed, strengthened or broken during this transit. People who have given up on the idea of the ‘couple’ may reconsider when Jupiter is in Libra. Blockages are letting go of us! Ain’t that great? Confidence and the love of self are taking charge in ways that weaken fear, lack of faith and self-loathing.

Let’s not forget though that Jupiter is a planet that affects the collective. These are relationships of a nontraditional sort. The unexpected is likely.


The same balanced qualities of Libra (above) are favoured in professional life. Helping, teaching and compromise are abilities to invest in. Business partnerships are beneficial. A great time for beauty/fashion, architecture, law, mathematics, mediation, politics, psychology, marketing and human resources.

In short, this transit nourishes our self-belief, a drive to explore, to be free while striving for and maintaining balance.

I’m an idealistic, abstract dreamer. What kind of dreamer are you?

Pura Vida!